"What does it take to get a home loan?"

There are 4 components to qualify for a loan and every one of them must be satisfied for the loan to be approved and funded.  I know that sounds scary, but it's not as hard as it sounds and lenders are very upfront and transparent on how to get it done.  Plus, there are a numerous loan programs available to ensure there is a loan for nearly everyone. 

"Come on then. What are the 4 components?"

Alright. Alright. The 4 C's are:

Capacity to Pay Back the Loan - can you afford it?

Capital - your ability to provide an initial investment of some sort

Collateral - value of the property the loan is for

Credit - your record of paying bills & other debts on time

"What is the key to having my loan fund?"

If you qualify for the loan you need, you must be open to communicate with your Licensed Lending Officer (LLO).  Your LLO is your partner.  Don't make it a guessing game or everyone will be disappointed when the loan falls apart. 

Every loan has a life and challenges of its own.  Your LLO must communicate well and be capable of leading you through the loan process.  The key to getting loans funded is finding solutions to whatever issues are presented. 

The lending officer must have a knowledgeable and focused team of experts working in the background.  No one knows everything and teamwork makes the dream work. 

"How does the loan process actually work?"

A picture's worth 1000 words.

Enough of the small talk friends.  Let's get you the loan you need.

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